This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement

Student(s): Steven Neal
Date: April 9th, 2013      Grade Level(s): 10
Subject: English/Language Arts class at East Lansing Multicultural High School
Instructor: Carla Stone Email:
Teaching Assistant: Bella Tirtowalujo Email:

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Name of Project: “This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement”


Project Overview

Give a brief overview of the project you are planning.

The tenth grade students in English/Language Arts class at East Lansing Multicultural High School will be studying how to identify, analyze, and write both informal and formal pieces of journalism and public service announcements. The students will be investigating the different forms of media (newspaper, radio, television) and their effects on groups of people. Each English/Language Arts class will be creating newspaper articles and public service announcements for both radio and television focused on encouraging recycling in the high school. Furthermore, each class will contact a local plant nursery to partner with to acquire plants and gardening supplies to improve the environment around East Lansing Multicultural High School. Members of the Michigan State University Fisheries and Wildlife Club will come in to speak with the students about the importance of environmental preservation.


Effective Practice: MEANINGFUL SERVICE

Service learning actively engages participants in meaningful and personally relevant service activities.

What community need will you address and how did you determine the need?

The community need that we are addressing with the service learning project is the need for improved recycling habits and the rejuvenation of current environmental areas. We determined this need by doing a needs analysis by investigating recycling practices and natural areas in East Lansing Multicultural High School; furthermore, many students commented on the poor condition of the natural areas around the school.

What service will you provide to address the need?

Each tenth grade English/Language Arts class at East Lansing Multicultural High School will be working with administration and custodial services to increase the number of recycling locations and improve the habits of each classroom. Furthermore, the students will be improving the quality of the natural areas around the school by redoing the mulch and planting new flowers and shrubs.


Effective Practice: LINK TO CURRICULUM

Service learning is intentionally used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.

How is this project related to your curriculum?

“This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement” is a service learning project that allows students to practice their writing and critical analysis skills. They will be learning how to write for a specific audience in various forms: newspaper articles, radio announcements, and televised public service announcements. The students will be expected to research various methods of creating media and proper grammatical structures for both informal and formal writing. Each student will learn and practice using a variety of syntactical structures (simple, complex, compound, and compound-complex sentences) and distinguishing between formal and informal writing styles. Furthermore, every student in the class will develop their technological skills by recording radio announcements as well as filming and editing television announcements.

What are the educational goals?

The educational goals of “This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement” are to challenge students to use proper research practices and grammatical skills to create meaningful sources of information for East Lansing Multicultural High School. The students will be expected to research methods to preserve and protect the environment; they will transform the information they acquire into public service announcements for the benefit of the high school students and staff. Throughout the course of their work, students will get the chance to improve and critique their writing skills and the skills of others. Furthermore, the primary educational goal of the service learning project is to allow students the opportunity to see how different forms of written and spoken works have varying effects on the reading or listening audience.


State Standards and Benchmarks

List standards and benchmarks met by this project

English/Language Arts Standards for the State of Michigan
• CE 1.1.3 Select and use language that is appropriate for the purpose, audience, and context of the text, speech, or visual representation
• CE 1.1.7 Edit for style, tone, and word choice and for conventions of grammar, usage and mechanics that are appropriate for the audience
• CE 1.3.1 Compose written, spoken, and/or multimedia compositions in a range of genres: pieces that serve a variety of purposes and the use a variety of organizational patterns
• CE 1.4.1 Identify, explore, and refine topics and questions appropriate for research
• CE 2.1.6 Recognize the defining characteristics of informational texts, speeches, and multimedia presentations and elements of expository texts; critically examine the argumentation and conclusions of multiple informational texts.


Effective Practice: REFLECTION

Service learning incorporates multiple challenging reflection activities that are ongoing and that prompt deep thinking and analysis about oneself and one’s relationship to society.

What form(s) of reflection will you use with the students to help them identify what they have learned and accomplished?

The reflection activities for “This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement” will be conducted from the beginning of the planning phase to the completion of the project. Throughout their work, students will be prompted to use their online blogs (hosted through the school) as areas to write their thoughts and expectations of the project. I will give several reflective prompts for the classes to write about as well as creating several open-ended questions. For example, the students will be expected to blog about their experiences of coordinating the work with the administration of East Lansing Multicultural High School to increase the number of recycling locations in the school. These reflective blog posts will combine both the emotions and experiences of the students with what they are learning in class; the students will be expected to use proper grammar for both formal and informal audiences. Furthermore, we will have several class discussions about how effective the public service announcements are for the general population of East Lansing Multicultural High School. These discussions will allow me to gauge how the students are feeling about the project and what they expect their efforts to yield in the school’s environmental practices. Finally, each class will spend time developing a presentation to share with the administrators of East Lansing Multicultural High School and local environmental groups such as the Michigan State University Fisheries and Wildlife Club. The presentation will be a final opportunity for students to see the connections between their classroom learning and the services they provided for the environment in and around the East Lansing area.


Effective Practice: DIVERSITY

Service learning promotes understanding of diversity and mutual respect among all participants.

What types of diverse perspectives and experiences will be explored as part of your project?

(i.e.: cultural, generational, abilities/disabilities, learning styles, etc.)

The students will be exploring the multiple perspectives of the administrators, local families, and their classmates on the topic of environmental stewardship in the local community. While working on the logistics of increasing the number of recycling locations in the school, the students will experience the opinions of the administration – the superintendent, the school board, the principal, and the vice principal – on the topic of environmental awareness in the school. Furthermore, students will be tasked with determining the viewpoints of families with children in the East Lansing Multicultural High School on the project. Finally, we will have discussions in class to whether it is the duty of mankind to be a steward to the earth or not; to examine this idea closer, we will read the Dominion Theory and the Stewardship Theory on human-environment relations. Students will be able to provide their opinions on the subject in a controlled, safe classroom environment.


Effective Practice: YOUTH VOICE

Service learning provides youth with a strong voice in planning, implementing, and evaluating service learning experiences with guidance from adults.

How will students gain ownership of the project?

The students will gain ownership of “This is an Environmental Public Announcement” by being the primary agents in the interactions with the administration and the local community partners. During the planning phase of the project, students will be expect to write requests to the administrators of East Lansing Multicultural High School to increase the number of recycling locations in the school. Furthermore, the students will be asked to identify and contact local plant nurseries to acquire gardening supplies, plants, and flowers to improve the quality of the environmental areas around the school. These requests will be the first contact with a partner in the project. During the implementation phase, students will divide into teams to create the various public service announcements – television, radio, and news articles – based on their skills with technology and journalistic writing. These teams will continue to work on these announcements throughout the entire project. During the evaluation phase, students will have the right to voice their opinions about the project in written and discussion forms; we will have evaluation forms on the effectiveness of the program and class discussions about the service. Furthermore, the students will contact the local plants nurseries and make decisions on the designs of the flowerbeds and other natural areas on the East Lansing Multicultural High School Campus. Each and every student will be given the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas throughout the entire project.



Service learning partnerships are collaborative, mutually beneficial, and address community needs.

Who will you partner with for this project?

We will have two partnerships for this program. The first partner is the administrators of East Lansing Multicultural High School, and the second partner is the Capital Area Grower Supply (5178539988 or

How will students benefit from this partnership?

The students will benefit from the partnership with the administrators because it will develop professional communication skills and create a stronger relationship between the students and the administrators. By constantly being in contact with the principal and vice principal, the students will get the chance to learn how to interact appropriately with professionals while working toward a common goal; this will be valuable in their future careers. Furthermore, the unity in the school will be strengthened with a healthy student-administrator relationship.

The partnership with the local plant nurseries will increase the students’ knowledge about plants and gardening while simultaneously creating healthy business skills. The students will have to learn about proper gardening techniques and plants that prosper well in the climates and conditions of the East Lansing area. Furthermore, the students will have to strike a deal with the owner of the plant nursery to purchase tools, flowers, and plants for the revitalization of the natural areas on the campus of East Lansing Multicultural High School.

How will the partner benefit from this collaboration?

The administrators will benefit from the collaboration with the students because they create healthy relationships with a variety of students as well as help improve the environmental conditions of their school. By working in conjunction with the service learning project, the administrators will forge connections with the students to promote student-administrator unity. Furthermore, the environmental areas around the school’s campus will be improved; the unmaintained locations will be invigorated. The physical appearance of the school will be improved as well as the improvement of the environment around the school.

The local plant nurseries will benefit from the partnership because they will have increased business from the additional advertising conducted by the English/Language Arts students. The families of the students will obtain information about the local nurseries that will provide the materials for the service learning project; they might conduct business with the nurseries. Furthermore, the students will mention the partnership with the plant nurseries in their public service announcements and news articles. The nurseries can benefit from the collaborative efforts of the project.



Service learning engages participants in an ongoing process to assess the quality of implementation and progress toward meeting specified goals, and uses results for improvement and sustainability.

How will you assess the student learning goals?

The assessment of the student’s learning goals can be accomplished through a close analysis of their reflection blogs and observing the public service announcements. The reflection blogs are chances for the students to synthesize the grammatical and syntactical knowledge that they acquire in class with their experiences with the high school and local plant nurseries. I can adjust the prompts given to the students to gauge their understanding of the coursework; furthermore, I will ask the students to demonstrate proper grammar and syntax usage. By observing the public service announcements, I can determine as to whether the learning goals are being adequately met because I will see the final product of their studies. The variety of public service announcements will allow me the opportunity to evaluate their English grammar skills and give proper feedback to the students.

How will you assess your service goals?

I will be able to assess the service goals that the classes develop through discussions with administrators and students as well as formal and informal evaluations. The students who collaborated closely with the principal, vice principal, superintendent, and school board members will have a post-project meeting with the administrators to discuss the effectiveness of the project overall. By having a meeting in which the partners and the students are present, we can all determine what the effective aspects of the service learning project are and if they are worth pursuing the next year. The administrators can provide input in context of a school management position. Furthermore, each class will have a discussion about what they believe were the most meaningful and effective parts of the project; this will allow me to see if the project needs to be adjusted to match the student’s skills and preferences. Finally, both the formal and informal evaluations will allow each student to voice their concerns and thoughts about the project. These meetings, discussions, and evaluation will give me adequate information to make proper changes to the service learning project for future classes.



Service learning has sufficient duration and intensity to address community needs and meet specified outcomes.

How will you prepare students for this experience?

I will prepare the students for the experience of the service learning project by providing complete explanations, role-playing potential situations with the students, and showing public service announcements as examples for the class. Firstly, I will explain my expectations for the project in complete detail to each class. Every student needs to know what the project entails and what their role in it is. Furthermore, I will act out potential situations that the conversations with the administrators and managers of the plant nurseries can be with the students. For example, I will work with the students who will be working closely with the administrators to prepare them for denied requests. Finally, each class will view and critique numerous examples of public service announcements to develop an understanding of how different types of televised, radio, and written announcements are created and are most effective. “This is an Environmental Public Announcement” is a service learning project that will take several weeks of class time to bring to fruition; therefore, it should be started mid-way through the fall semester to prepare the logistics of the project.

What are some sample possible activities students might do as part of this project?

There are several possible activities that students can do with “This is an Environmental Public Announcement”. Firstly, students can research the history of journalism and its effect on the general public; this activity would be beneficial to the students’ project because they will learn how to effectively use the media to relay information to the public. Secondly, students will receive a lesson on how to operate the video camera, video editing software, and printing for the newspapers. The students will need to know how to operate the equipment to make the public service announcements. Thirdly, students can learn proper gardening techniques to improve the natural areas around East Lansing Multicultural High School. Lastly, students can create and listen to speeches that are for and against proponents of the environmental responsibility of humans. By analyzing these speeches and holding a debate on the topic, students will acquire a greater understanding of humanity’s beliefs about taking care of the environment.



The three arms of sustainability are environmental stewardship, economic growth, and social progress. Think planet, profit, and people.

Describe how your project addresses the issue of sustainability?

“This is an Environmental Public Service Announcement” is a service learning project that addresses all three areas of sustainability. The project is rooted in environmental stewardship; the public service announcements are focused on improving environmental stewardship. The students will be requesting additional recycling locations to reduce the amount of garbage in environmental systems. The natural areas of East Lansing Multicultural High School will be improved through the new gardens around the campus. The service learning project enforces economic growth as well; the students will be advertising for local plant nurseries. These advertisements will potentially bring more money into the businesses. The public service announcements will give students and viewers information to encourage human-environmental relations in the local community.