Parks and Recreation Spanish Brochure

Teacher(s): Lindsey Woodcox
Date: 1/14/11 Building: Kelloggsville High School Grade Level: 11th, 12th
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Project Overview

Give a brief overview of the project you are planning.

A third-year high school Spanish class comprised of 12 students will translate the Kentwood Parks and Rec. spring/summer brochure into Spanish and distribute it to the Spanish-speaking community near the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building.


Effective Practice: MEANINGFUL SERVICE

Service learning actively engages participants in meaningful and personally relevant service activities.

What community need will you address and how did you determine the need?

The community around the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building and around Kelloggsville is largely Spanish-speaking. The people in this community already utilize the Kentwood Parks and Rec. services but may utilize them more if they are able to read the activity brochure in their native language.

What service will you provide to address the need?

My students will translate the spring/summer activities brochure from English to Spanish, Kentwood Parks and Rec. will publish 1,000 of them, and then my students will advertise and pass out the translated brochures to the community.


Effective Practice: LINK TO CURRICULUM

Service learning is intentionally used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.

How is this project related to your curriculum?

Third-year Spanish is a class that examines and uses advanced vocabulary, advanced verb tenses, and authentic communication in Spanish. My students will practice recreational vocabulary, writing prices and seasons, present tense conjugation of previously learned and new verbs, and future tense conjugation, which is first taught in Spanish III.

What are the educational goals?

Career preparation: Students will improve their English-Spanish translation skills.

Character education: Students will help the Spanish-speaking community to have a better opportunity to utilize the services of Kentwood Parks and Rec.


Curriculum Crafter Connections

Strand: Communications – World Language

Additional State Standards and Benchmarks

List standards and benchmarks met by this project.

Standard 1.2 Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.

Standard 1.3 Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.

Standard 4.1 Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own.

Standard 5.1 Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.



Effective Practice: REFLECTION

Service learning incorporates multiple challenging reflection activities that are ongoing and that prompt deep thinking and analysis about oneself and one’s relationship to society.

What form(s) of reflection will you use with the students to help them identify what they have learned and accomplished?

In the beginning, students did a community needs assessment to determine what type of service learning project would help their community. Once the translation project was chosen, the students visited the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building to see where the brochures are located and had discussions and wrote reflection papers to think about the positive impact that the translations will have on the community.

In the middle, students will take pictures throughout the project of the Kentwood Parks and Rec. facilities, pictures of themselves translating, and pictures of the community they will be serving.

In the end, students will create either a photo collage or a slideshow to present what they experienced throughout the service learning project and discuss how they have positively impacted the community.


Effective Practice: DIVERSITY

Service learning promotes understanding of diversity and mutual respect among all participants.

What types of diverse perspectives and experiences will be explored as part of your project?

(i.e.: cultural, generational, abilities/disabilities, learning styles, etc)

Cultural perspectives will be explored as students will be helping the Spanish-speaking community by translating brochures and will be going into the community to advertise the translated brochures.


Effective Practice: YOUTH VOICE

Service learning provides youth with a strong voice in planning, implementing, and evaluating service learning experiences with guidance from adults.

How will students gain ownership of the project?

Students will perform the translations in groups comprised solely of students and will have their names printed on the brochure under the heading: Translators.



Service learning partnerships are collaborative, mutually beneficial, and address community needs.

Who will you partner with for this project?

Kentwood Parks and Recreation

How will students benefit from this partnership?

They will use their Spanish writing skills to translate the spring brochures for the Spanish-speaking community in the area.

How will the partner benefit from this collaboration?

Kentwood Parks and Rec. will be able to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community by way of translated brochures and the service is being provided for free.



Service learning engages participants in an ongoing process to assess the quality of implementation and progress toward meeting specified goals, and uses results for improvement and sustainability.

How will you assess the student learning goals?

I will proofread the translation work of the students and identify the grammatical or vocabulary concepts in which students need to improve. Then, I will create lessons to help them learn/practice those concepts. Also, the students will receive points in my class for completing the translations accurately in the form of a project or assignment.

How will you assess your service goals?

My students and I will advertise/pass out the Spanish-language brochures in the neighborhood around the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building to ensure that a large number of people benefit from the service. If we can encourage a single Spanish-speaking person to utilize Kentwood Parks and Rec. through our brochure, we will feel successful but we will aim to encourage many people.



Service learning has sufficient duration and intensity to address community needs and meet specified outcomes.

How will you prepare students for this experience?

1. Do a community needs assessment

2. Visit the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building

3. While translating in class, I will teach students the grammar and vocabulary they need to improve or learn the content of the brochure.

4. My students will reflect on the experience before, during, and after the project

What are some sample possible activities students might do as part of this project?

1. Pass out fliers in the neighborhood around the Kentwood Parks and Rec. building to advertise the translated brochures.

2. Grammar or vocabulary lessons in Spanish to help students translate the brochures accurately.

3. Students will take photos of the Rec. building, the community, and themselves while translating.



The three arms of sustainability are environmental stewardship, economic growth, and social progress. Think planet, profit, and people.

Describe how your project addresses the issue of sustainability?

This project addresses the issue of sustainability by supporting the Spanish-speaking community around Kelloggsville High School. We also aim to be sustainable by using e-mail to communicate and transfer translated documents and by walking around the neighborhood to distribute brochures.