Rock Orchestra Arts Advocacy Project

DATE September 21, 2015LEAVE A COMMENT

Through an innovative Rock Orchestra Retreat, Camp and Performances, student musicians will advocate for arts education in the State Farm service – learning initiative.  The project will increase support and enrollment in music education in urban schools. Student musicians will (a) inspire minority youth living in poverty to enroll in music programs (b) increase youth leadership in the arts (c) increase school, state and national support for music education.

(1) High school student musicians and community partners will implement a Rock Orchestra Retreat and Camp.  As a result, more high school students in the region will be trained in service – learning music education programs.

(2) The retreat and camp will equip students to present and perform for elementary children in urban schools. The children will be inspired by the eclectic performances, engage with the high school students and practice playing the instruments.  As a result, enrollment will increase in band, orchestra and choir among minority youth living in poverty.

(3) High school student musicians will present and perform for elected officials, business and state leaders. The presentations will empower leaders to increase funding for arts.

Every student and educator in the nation will have access the curriculum used in the project.  Video productions of the Rock Orchestra Retreat, Camp and performances will be uploaded to social media sites.  The project can be replicated throughout the nation.  Outcome measures and results will be posted to online dashboards to monitor progress.

State Farm Agents will be invited to partner with the students to advocate for music education.  The project will be integrated in the school curriculum. While addressing the need for arts and culture in the community, students will develop academic, college and career readiness skills.  Students with experience in the effective practices for quality service – learning projects will lead the initiative.

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