2013 Global Youth Service Day: April 26 – 28


Simple Steps to Coordinate a Project

Are you interested in creating a 2013 Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) project? There is still plenty of time! Check out the five simple steps below to get started:

1. Investigation

Identify a local, national, or global need you would like to address. Use a variety of sources to research the need and identify community partners. What are some things you’re very good at that you could use as part of the project? What are some skills your friends or family could bring to the table as well?

2. Preparation & Planning

Develop a strategy for change and a common vision for success. Determine what you will do and then create a timeline, assign responsibilities, develop a budget and an outreach plan, and find a project location. Include your community partners in this process.

Once you’ve finished planning your project, post it online at www.gysd.org. On this website you can also note whether your project is open to volunteers in your community.

3. Action

Now it’s time to actually conduct the project! Does everyone know where to go and what task to do? Make sure someone is ready to answer any questions from volunteers, the community, elected officials, special guests, or local media. Document your action by taking photos, videos, and notes.

4. Reflection

Include reflection before, during, and after your project. Reflection helps you understand why you are providing the service, how are you making a difference, and what you are learning along the way.

5. Demonstration/Celebration

Share what you have done and what you have learned from the experience by teaching others. Draft a report for the community, present your results, write letters to public officials, or send out a newsletter to parents and/or peers. Host a volunteer and partner awards ceremony that recognizes the contributions each person brought to the project.


This information was provided by Youth Service America.

Register your project!

Once planned, post your service opportunity by visiting www.gysd.org and click on “Create A Project.” You’ll be able to fill out the online application with all of the necessary details about your project.

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