Community Garden Installation


Students from Kelloggsville High School and Discovery Alternative High School spent their last day of school installing the Peace Pole and Paths to Peace in the center of the community garden.  Students worked hard to remove the grass, stake out the paths and set the stones in place.  The garden has been planted with a variety of vegetables, pumpkins and squash as well as a wild flower garden. check out complete details of the garden under the PROjects section on the left.

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  1. August 24, 2012 at 10:51 am, Youandi said:

    While I appreciate the effort taken by Sodexo, It is very sad that I see food going to trash every single day at work.I am an entry level cook and I understand the difficulty of storing/reusing the perishable food. But My question is whether Sodexo is working towards donating food which is going to trash every single day? This is very much possible with new technology/equipment and individual responsibility. I just feel bad that within 5 minutes of time frame the same food which I sell to customers going to the trash. At my station, I myself throw enough food which could feed at least 10 kids everyday. We have 8 stations at our location and you know how many locations Sodexo has?!I hear all the stories about how Sodexo is donating nonperishable food but is there any research going on to save perishable food? (e.g. quick frozen etc.) And is there any committee which is working on to set up an infrastructure to tie relations with local food bank? We would like to hear what non traditional ways are Sodexo working on to justify the global leader status?!


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